Sleep Shirts

Sleep Shirts $19.98 (One size fits most)
(comes in assorted colors only)
1.          _____ Cellulite – Scientific proof that God is a man
2.          _____ Don’t hate yourself in the morning sleep until noon
3.          _____ GO BRA-LESS it pulls wrinkles off your face
4.          _____ Hold me, squeeze me pretend I’m a remote control
5.          _____ How can I control my life when I can’t even control my hair?
6.          _____ How nice to do nothing then rest afterward
7.          _____ I never repeat gossip so listen carefully
8.          _____ I’m not “high maintenance” I prefer “worth every penny”
9.          _____ I’m still a hot babe, but now it comes in flashes
10.        _____ I’ve still got it but nobody wants it
11.        _____ If you look like your passport picture, you probably need the trip
12.        _____ It’s not a hot flash it’s a tropical vacation!
13.        _____ It’s scary when you start making noises like the coffee maker
14.        _____ It’s such a lovely day I think I’ll surprise everyone and skip my  
15.        _____ KISS KISS KISS still no prince
16.        _____ Live like your hair’s on fire
17.        _____ Not in your wildest dreams
18.        _____ Please do not disturb
19.        _____ Some of us are too cute to take life seriously
20.        _____ Wake me for the weekend
21.        _____ What’s a few wrinkles when you have bedroom eyes
22.        _____ When did my wild oats become shredded wheat?
23.        _____ When life hands you lemons put them in your bra
24.        _____ Where there’s a will put me in it

Christmas Sleep Shirts

Sleep Shirts Christmas $19.98 (red only) (One size fits most)
1.        _____ “and to all a good night”
2.        _____ Cold nose, frosty toes, Ho Ho Ho’s
3.        _____ Dear Santa, leave the gifts, take the husband and kids
4.        _____ Hug me before I melt        
5.        _____ Meet me under the mistletoe
6.        _____ Oh come let us adore me
7.        _____ On Dasher, On Dancer, On Prancer, On Visa
8.        _____ Raise a little cane
9.        _____ Santa thinks I’ve been good all year
10.      _____ Sleeps with Santa
11.      _____ The perfect man, well rounded and handy with a broom
12.      _____ This is as merry as I get