Golf/Fishing Towels

Fishing/Golf Towels

Towels Fishing $7.98 (gray only)
1._____ A fish on the hook is better than ten in the brook
2,_____ A fisherman is always more hopeful than he has
      a right to be
3._____ Fishing keeps us boys forever
4._____ I have laid aside business and gone fishing
5._____ No fisherman ever fishes as much as he wants to
6._____ So many fish so little time
7._____ Some anglers catch their best fish by the tail
8._____ Throw the little ones back

Towels Golf $11.98
(Cream, gray, green, navy, red, white)
1.        _____ Everybody loves a lousy golfer
2.        _____ Golf is for swingers
3.        _____ Golf is how I rough it
4.        _____ Golf, a good walk spoiled
5.        _____ Golfers always have time to play around
6.        _____ I feel like 18
7.        _____ I golf because the voices in my head tells me to
8.        _____ I golf therefore I swear
9.        _____ I spend days over a hot iron
10.      _____ It’s been a rough day
11.      _____ Life is short make fun of it
12.      _____ Time for Tee
13.      _____ To golf or not to golf, what a silly question